Privacy Policy

This document explains Fascinating Projects privacy policy and how we handle your personal information if you use our products.

Our business is making and selling mobile phone apps. We have 3 types of product. We have free mobile apps with advertising, paid mobile apps without advertising and this website which is used to support my apps and display our products.

The types of personal information we collect and how we use it

Fascinating Projects does not require customer personal data to deliver these products. We do not keep customer personal data ourselves. 

  • We do not have a customer mailing list.
  • We do not have any customer payment data. Any payments or purchases made through our apps are made between the customer and Apple, and any refund requests must be made to Apple as we don’t have the transaction details. Please use the “Contact Me” form if you want further details on how to apply for a refund from Apple.

Here are some further details on how my products work.

Fascinating Projects Apps website (

The website does not store your personal information in cookies.

If you submit us a support request on the “Contact Me” page the website will collect your Name and Email Address. We use your email address to respond to your enquiry and we use your name to address you in the reply email.  Your support enquiry may remain in our inbox as an email we have received and may remain in my sent items as a response we have sent.

Our Apps

Your location

Many of our free and paid mobile apps collect your location for the purposes of running the app. They may request you to choose a location on a map or use the location services on your device to gain a location. Where the location is requested by our apps using the location services on your device, it will only request locations to within a 3 kilometre radius (that is 1.86 miles). Locations are only saved on your actual device by the apps for the purpose of providing the functionality of the app and for easy reuse for convenience when the app is next used.

Advertising and Analytics Partners

We partner with third parties to display advertising and collect analytics data in some of my apps. The advertising that you see is personalised to your tastes by default – it is based on the apps on your device and the websites you have viewed in the past. In Europe when you first run an app with advertising and when you request it in the app settings you will have the option to switch off this personalisation.  If you choose to do so, you will still see advertising but it will not be personalised to your tastes.

Apple – My apps collect usage data (“analytics”) with your consent. Apple describe the data collected and how to withdraw consent at the website

Google – We partner with Google to provide advertising and also to collect usage data (“analytics”) .Google describe the data collected and how to withdraw consent at the website 

How to edit and correct your personal information

Fascinating Projects Apps website (

If you have sent us a support enquiry in the past and wish to have your email removed from our Inbox or sent items, please send us a further support enquiry at . Your enquiry MUST clearly state both:

  1. That you want your previous support emails to be deleted from our inbox and sent items.
  2. The original email address and name you used in the past support email.

We will find and delete any personal emails that we have received with the exact name and email you have stated and respond to you stating that we have done so.  

My Apps

Your location

It is not possible for us or you to view the location data stored by the app products but the data can be completely removed from your mobile device simply by deleting the app from your device. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation for your device to delete an app from your device.

Advertising and Analytics Partners

Apple – Apple provide a website that allows you to correct, edit, and delete your data stored with them. It also may allow you to download the data that they posess.  To do this visit the following website –

Google – Google describe the data collected and how to withdraw consent at the website 

Privacy Policy Updated 20-April-2023.